Ghost in the curve

they spent fifteen minutes of nine o´clock at night when cobos decided to leave. he had several hours in front of the computer screen, without even blinking and thougth it was time to go home.
Outside in the street, it was dark was a good time. the wind was blowing with unusual force as a prelude to a storm that was about to arrive.
Before closing the office with your key click on the small console key to activate the electroniv alarm. he waited a few seconds after was on duty an instinctive gesture and therw the coat over her shoulders. the cold grew worse and began to drizzle.
Briskly reached his car, an old dark green renault despite years was in fairly good condition.he opened the door and quickly introduced into ist interior.
He inserted they key in the ignition and in a few seconds a soft light gave life to the control panel. he turned the wheel of heating at the top and prepared to begin the march toward home.
The storm was becoming more virulent as he walked away from the office he still had 50 miles to get homr located on the outskirts of a small dormitory town he decided to turn the radio to make the journey more pleasant but the deep voice of the annoncer of the program of mystery that is so disturbing flooded the dark interior of the vehicle.
He turned right to koin the country road for which would have to travel several kilometers.did not like to go home this way, especially when the night was as unpleasant as this since the firm been several accidents in recent years some of them fatal. this had also led to talk of people clamiming that a curve would show a cobos was not a person to givr much credence to such stories but he had to admit there was something in the roas which caused a strange feeling of uneasiness.
He had left behind the lights of the towno and the darkness is everywhere. only the glow of the headlights was able to break the came over him. realized he could not hear any noise saving the radio and the sound of the engine and tires on the gravilla. stop at the car door and left.outside it was raining heavily but could barely hear more than the engine noise and the patter of raindrops on the roof of the car. it was introduced back into the vehicle and started running without fris clearing of all that he had tingling in my stomach.
His uncertainty did not last long. looking out the car´s rearview mirror that he realized he was not alone a woman totally soaked in a white dress and look away was in the back seat.
It was impossible to find there: the vehicle had only two doors and no way coul accss the back except for the drivers side dorr because the other was damaged for several days and could not be openen.
his heart began beating rapidly.stopped cold and his hands covered his face hoping that was all his imagination but when she looked in the mirri the figure was still in the same place.
cobos turned and asked the woman stammered who he was and he was foing there however this diid not articulate a eord his gaze was still lost god knows where.
it could not be. i could not be anyone there i could not be that old story of women of the curve he wwas going to him he did not believe in such nonsense decided to leave the car and take a look from outside he must be the fruit of his imagination.
He grasped the handle of the door with his hand ready to leave the car and suddenly felt a strong ptrssure on the neck he felt two hands as could as she pressed steel preventing the passage of air to the lungs he looked surprises by the mirro and the image he saw caused him panic the opposite his eyes seemed to be going out of their sockets and reflected a hatred that had never seen in ningunta another look.
he tried to escape from the hand of women but i was impossible gradually as the only oxygen reached his lungs he lost consciousness sure i was goin to die bur not yet understand why. until she brought ther lips asn said in a voice devoid of expression we will be in hell where i am from that ningt that i get hit in the curve just passed renember?
they were the last words she heard after complemete darkness reigned.

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