Erotic photo-art. Rod McRae.

Art-works by Australian artist, sculptor and photographer Rod McRae. A series of photos "Camp Cove" with nude male models.


Pablo Picasso -- Happy Birthday -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

Pablo Picasso October 25th 1881 – April 8th 1973.  Possibly the most famous artist in the world, Picasso had great success in life and helped transform and move art in new directions.  My favorites are his "Blue Period" and the ceramics done during his last years.

There is a great Picasso/ Florida Highwaymen story that I don't think many have heard.  I was lucky enough to have James Gibson tell me the story himself.  Most who are interested in the Florida Highwaymen have already heard that Al Hair, one of the founders and most industrious of the group, claimed that the goal of painting was so that one day he could buy a new Cadillac.  In the early days in Fort Peirce, Florida there were few opportunities to earn enough money to buy a new car, much less a new Caddy.  Al Hair, even at such a young age, saw painting as a way to legally make lots of money; or at least that was the dream.  I was with James Gibson recounting stories when I asked him about Al and how he always wanted a new Cadillac when James exclaimed, "But do you know why he thought that?  Do you know who gave us the idea we could make that kind of money?  No one knows the whole story!" 

So here is the whole story as told to me by James Gibson. 

It was the early 1950's.  Al Hair and James Gibson were making extra money building frames for Beanie Backus's paintings.  Bean was selling his work so fast that he needed help making frames and delivering his work.  Al and James were always hanging around Bean's studio so Bean taught them how to make frames.  He would pay them a small amount per frame and get them to deliver the paintings.  On one of these occasions the two young boys were delivering a painting to a big house on the island of Palm Beach.  James said the owner was nice enough to show them around the house so they could see all the artwork; they were amazed that one person would buy so many paintings.  When they were about to leave, the owner asked if they could stay for a few more minutes as he had just heard that an artist was on the way with a new painting.  The owner told James and Al that it was a very famous artist and they should meet him.  James said they waited a long time and then up the winding driveway came a beautiful brand new gray Rolls Royce.  The Rolls parked and out of the back stepped a little old man.  Al and James were introduced and Al quickly asked, "Is that your car?"  "Yes", said the old man.  "Well", James said, "that was it for Al.   He could not get over the fact that this little old man, this artist, was driving around in a new Rolls Royce."  Al and James went back to Beanie's studio with renewed purpose, they were going to learn all they could and paint every day.  One day they too would own a brand new car, and not just any car, but a brand new Cadillac!  The little old man in the story was none other than Pablo Picasso! Fifty years later as James Gibson finished the story he looked at me with a sparkle in his eye and said, "Glenn, look over there, see that brand new white Cadillac Escalade?  It's mine all mine!"  GL

Pablo Picasso website

Broward County Arts Teacher of the Year Award Announced -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

Neil Jenkins, band director of J.P. Taravella High School, was named the winner of this year's Broward County Arts Teacher of the Year.  Jenkins has been a band director since 1968. He holds a Master of Arts in Education (music) and a Bachelor of Arts in Education (music) from the University of South Florida and is certified in music education, K - 12. Hailed as one of the top music educators in the county he has won various awards. He also teaches as an adjunct professor at Broward College, directing the Broward Symphonic Band and serving as a member of the Florida Music Assessment Task Force.

"Now that my 40 year career in public school teaching has come to a conclusion, it is an honor to be selected as the 'Broward County Arts Teacher of the Year' for 2010. I am much honored to be representing the many hard working fine arts teachers in Broward County that make a significant difference in our students' lives," Jenkins said.

The "Broward County Arts Teacher of the Year Award" recognizes the most outstanding arts teachers in Broward County. The selection panel is composed of members of the Broward Cultural Council's Arts Education Committee. Nominees submit an application, audio/visual examples, and are observed in the classroom by members of the selection panel.

Sun Sentinel Article about the Award

Bakehouse Art Complex in Miami Awarded $46,000 -- posted by Florida Fine Art Blog

Bakehouse Art Complex awarded $46,000 by prestigious Kresge Foundation.  

The Kresge Foundation, located near Detroit, Michigan, has awarded the Bakehouse Art Complex (BAC) a $46,000 technical assistance grant through its 2010 Arts and Culture Program. Kresge funding is rare in the state of Florida and the foundation has only awarded a handful of grants locally over its 86-year history. Kresge Foundation’s newly instituted national arts strategy recognizes that well-capitalized cultural organizations are better able to serve diverse populations with meaningful programming; that artists can more effectively engage audiences and contribute to community life if they have the skills and resources necessary for career success; and that integrating arts and culture into community building and revitalization efforts energizes localities both economically and culturally. The BAC is one of the first awardees in the program.

If you have never been to the Bakehouse, it's a "must see" in the Wynwood Arts District in Downtown Miami.  Located in an old bread factory, the Bakehouse has been the home of emerging artists for 25 years now.  Some of the most exciting shows every year come out of the Bakehouse.  With monthly rotating exhibitions, the Bakehouse Art Complex holds its Opening Receptions on the Second Friday of every month. With abundant free parking, exciting exhibitions, air conditioning, live music, open wine bar and 60+ artist studios, the BAC is a wonderful place to enjoy local contemporary art.
MiamiArtGuide link with Article about Award
Bakehouse Art Complex website

Erotic painting. StPeteArtisan.

Art-works by American artist James Michael McCracken. Oil and acrylic paintings of nude male models.


Erotic sculpture. PerfectPinUpz.

Art-works of American sculptor Bryan aka PerfectPinUpz. Comic figures of nude men. Muscles, muscles and... penises. )))


Digital Art by hgjart.

Male characters in works of Chinese digital artist Guangjian Huang. Not nude, but very beautiful work.


Paul Strand -- Happy Birthday -- by Florida Fine Art Blog

Paul Strand (October 16, 1890 – March 31, 1976) was an American artist who helped establish photography as an art form in the 20th century.
Paul Strand took up photography in New York City during the 1910's. Not long after, he had established a reputation of both a photographer and a painter. He traveled to New Mexico in 1926 to photograph the landscapes, architecture, and native culture of the country and also produced a film about fishermen for the Mexican government in 1834. He also collaborated with Charles Sheeler on the film, “Manhatta” about urban life. By 1934, Strand had returned to New York and began working in theater and filmmaking.  He moved to Europe in the early 1950’s where he spent time in Northern Italy and Scotland. In the 1960’s, Strand traveled across North and West Africa. Strand became known as an advocate of the new realism called "straight" photography. The Museum of Modern Art, New York, mounted its first full-scale retrospective of a contemporary photographer with the work of Strand in 1945. His last years were spent working in close collaboration with his third wife, Hazel Kingsbury. He died after a long illness in 1976 at his home in Orgeval, France.
Paul Strand website

Art Around the Web -- Marcel Duchamp -- by Florida Fine Art Blog

Marcel Duchamp!  My Aunt Mary Alice and I were recently discussing Duchamp so I thought I would post this website dedicated to understanding Duchamp's work.  Marcel was a brilliant and complicated artist.  Long before Jackson Pollock took the brush off the canvas, Marcel Duchamp threw the brush away entirely.  "Fountain", the piece pictured above, is probably his most controversial work.  It still makes peoples' heads explode when it's explained.  "That's not art!" is the cry from most.  If there is anyone to be acknowledged for inspiring today's conceptual art, it's Duchamp.  I have at times been a little obsessed with Duchamp and his work because there is so much to learn and explore.  But even with a good understanding and appreciation for his work, I can still catch myself saying, "really?!?"
Making Sense of Marcel Duchamp Website
Marcel Duchamp Website

Erotic photo-art. Je-veux-ta-photo.

Art-works of French photographer Dan Throsby. Black-and-white photographs of nude male models.


Art-works by Michael Bergt.

Nude men in a symbolic paintings and drawings by American artist Michael Bergt.

St. Sebastian. Egg tempera on panel. 20 x 14 "

The Conflict. Color pencil and gouache on toned paper. 21,5 x 14,5 "

Geometry. Egg tempera on panel. 24 x 18 "

Janus. Color pencil and gouache on toned paper. 26 x 20,5 "

Tight Rope. Color pencil and gouache on toned paper. 27,5 x 21 "

Vista. Ink on paper. 48 x 42 "

The Arch. Egg tempera, gold leaf on panel. 6,5 x 9,5 "

The Knot.
Egg tempera, gold leaf on panel. 12,75 x 7 "



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9.-how important is it fot you to know the latest trends in fashion?
10.-have you visited a fashion event













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