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Exhibition of large-scale Watercolor Paintings by Walton Ford at Paul Kasmin Gallery

Posted: 04 Nov 2011 11:14 PM PDT

artwork: Walton Ford - "I don't like to look at him, Jack" (2011) - Watercolor mounted on aluminum panel, 108 x 144 x 7/8 inches (274.3 x 365.8 x 2.2 cm). Photo by Christopher Burke - © Walton Ford, 2011. - Courtesy the artist and Paul Kasmin Gallery, NY

EW YORK, N.Y.- The Paul Kasmin Gallery presents an exhibition of nine new, large-scale watercolor paintings by Walton Ford, on view for the first time, at 293 Tenth Avenue. The most monumental watercolors that Ford has painted to date, three of the works measure approximately 9 x 12 feet on a single sheet of paper. These nine paintings are grouped into two series of work: one comprising three portraits of King Kong; and the other six meditations on a passage from the memoirs of the ornithologist John James Audubon (1785- 1851). Both series were painted in 2011, and are consistent with Ford's practice of expanding the visual language and narrative scope of traditional natural history painting.

artwork: Walton Ford - "Du Pain au Lait pour le Perroquet Mignonne," 2011. Watercolor, gouache, pencil, and ink on paper, 151.4 x 103.5 cm. © Walton Ford, 2011. Courtesy the artist & Paul Kasmin Gallery.The first series, presenting three huge portraits of King Kong, is based on the 1933 movie co-directed by Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack. As Ford explains, "The depression era Kong was misshapen, not modeled on any living ape. He has an odd, ugly, shifting charisma like Cagney, Edward G. Robinson, or Bogart.

Naturally, his woman screamed in terror. She continued screaming throughout their time together. The grief of the original Kong is the grief of the unloved, and like Humbert Humbert or Frankenstein, the grief of the unlovable. In 1933, Fay Wray says words that would break any suitor's heart. She shrinks from the chained Kong and tells her human lover, 'I don't like to look at him...' Since Kong is a Hollywood tough guy, he covers up his heartbreak with violence and anger. These paintings are about Kong's heartbreak. I wanted to reveal the monster's grief, his enormous sadness, the sorrow that the original Kong kept hidden from view."

Ford's second series, which depicts a monkey capturing and strangling a parrot, was inspired by an unsettling passage from Audubon's memoirs. Describing a childhood memory, Audubon writes: "… My mother had several beautiful parrots and some monkeys; one of the latter was a full-grown male of a very large species. One morning, while the servants were engaged in arranging the room I was in, 'Pretty Polly' was asking for her breakfast as usual, 'Du pain au lait pour le perroquet Mignonne,' the man of the woods probably thought the bird presuming upon his rights in the scale of nature; be this as it may, he certainly showed his supremacy in strength over the denizen of the air, for, walking deliberately and uprightly toward the poor bird, he at once killed it, with unnatural composure. The sensations of my infant heart at this cruel sight were agony to me. I prayed the servant to beat the monkey, but he, who for some reason preferred the monkey to the parrot, refused. I uttered long and piercing cries, my mother rushed into the room, I was tranquillized, the monkey was forever afterward chained, and Mignonne buried with all the pomp of a cherished lost one. This made, as I have said, a very deep impression on my youthful mind."

Life-sized and impeccably detailed, Ford's watercolors connote an old-master style, reminiscent of nineteenth-century artists' portrayals of nature and animals. With exceptional accuracy, the paintings convey the artist's art-historical and scientific knowledge, while also suggesting analogies between the past and the present day. They illuminate the strange, savage moments that occur at the intersection of human culture and the natural world. While human figures rarely appear in Ford's paintings, their presence is always implied. Although monkeys, parrots and King Kong are the protagonists of the paintings, they exist only in the context of stories created and controlled by human beings.

artwork: Walton Ford's Exhibition at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark (November 12, 2010 - March 6, 2011).

Walton Ford was born in Larchmont, New York in 1960, and lives and works in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. His work is included in a number of collections, including the Smithsonian American Art Museum and the Whitney Museum of American Art. A survey of Ford's work was organized by the Brooklyn Museum in New York in 2006 and traveled to the San Antonio Museum of Art in Texas and the Norton Museum of Art in Florida in 2007. Last year, Ford's midcareer retrospective traveled from the Hamburger Bahnhof Museum Fur Gegenwart in Berlin (January 23–May 24, 2010), to the Albertina in Vienna (June 8–October 3rd, 2010), and to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark (November 12, 2010 March 6, 2011). Taschen books has issued three editions of his large-format monograph, Pancha Tantra.

Visit The Paul Kasmin Gallery at :

The Auckland Art Gallery Reveals Treasure Trove of Early Frances Hodgkins Paintings

Posted: 04 Nov 2011 10:14 PM PDT

artwork: Frances Hodgkins - "The Piano Lesson", circa 1909 - Gouache and watercolour - 51.5 x 59.5 cm. - Collection of the Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki. On view in "Frances Hodgkins - Colour and Light" from November 5th until March 2012.

Auckland, New Zealand.- The Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki is pleased to exhibit never before seen paintings by one of New Zealand's best-loved expatriates, modernist artist Frances Hodgkins. "Frances Hodgkins - Colour and Light" will be on view at the gallery from November 5th until March 2012. The 20 paintings in the exhibition date from the early 1900s. After their original owner died, they were uncovered in a forgotten folio by a Parisian dealer in 2007, and offered to the Gallery. 'We are very lucky to have these paintings, which are a fine example of her early experimentation with style and technique. As the watercolours have never been displayed or exhibited, their colours are as brilliant as the day they were painted. They not only show Hodgkins' finesse and skill in watercolour, but also include fascinating early experiments with oil,' says Senior Curator Mary Kisler.

The Crocker Art Museum Presents Italian Baroque Masterpieces

Posted: 04 Nov 2011 08:58 PM PDT

Sacramento, CA.- The Crocker Art Museum is proud to present "Florence and the Baroque: Paintings from the Haukohl Family Collection", which will bring masterworks of Italian painting and sculpture from the 16th through 18th centuries to Northern California. On view at the Crocker Art Museum from November 5th through February 12th 2012, this exhibition is drawn from the largest private American collection of Florentine Baroque painting and features works by key artists such as Cesare Dandini, Jacopo da Empoli, and Francesco Furini. The exhibition includes two paintings that have never before been on view to the public — "Saint Sebastian" by Onorio Marinari and "Penitent Magdalene" by Cesare Dandini. Under the patronage of the Medici princes, late 16th-century Florence was a hotbed of artistic innovation. A new clarity in color, style, and subject began to replace the elegant virtuosity of earlier painting.

The Agora Gallery Explores the "Pathway to Abstraction"

Posted: 04 Nov 2011 08:34 PM PDT

artwork: Walter R. Probst - "Vista" - Digital Print on Canvas - 24" x 36" - Courtesy Agora Gallery, NYC. on view in "Pathway to Abstraction" until November 23rd.

New York City.- The Agora Gallery is pleased to present "Pathway to Abstraction", on view at the gallery November 23rd. Pathway to Abstraction focuses on the work of artists who are dedicated to exploring their environments in a wide range of ways, willing to investigate any method that seems appropriate and illuminating. Brilliantly creative, they present their messages in an attractive, interesting manner designed to appeal to their audience's sensitivity and intelligence. The exhibition features works by Veronica Barcellona, Tiril, Julio Crews, Ember Fairbairn-Ramsay, Mauro Filigheddu, Kenji Inoue, Jeanette Marie Kjeldsen, Walter B. Probst, John J. Sayer, Kevin Smola, Laurence Steenbergen and Paka Traykova. Two other exhibitions are running at the gallery concurrently with "Pathway to Abstraction", "Altered States of Reality: an Exhibition of Analog and Digital Photography" and "The Persistence of Form"

The Miller Gallery Presents Recent Paintings by Johanne Cullen

Posted: 04 Nov 2011 07:55 PM PDT

artwork: Johanne Cullen - "Witness" - Oil on canvas - 52" x 78" - Courtesy Miller Gallery, Cincinnati, OH. -  On view in "Johanne Cullen: La Vie en Rose" from November 4th until November 18th.

Cincinnati, OH.- The Miller Gallery is very pleased to announce "Johanne Cullen: La Vie en Rose", on view at the gallery from November 4th through November 18th. This will be Cullen's first solo show at the gallery. Like a magician wielding a wand, French-speaking Canadian artist Johanne Cullen engages in acts of illusion and fantasy. Describing herself as "a realist who resists being thwarted by her imagination", Cullen creates large-scale figurative works, her subjects exuding strength and serenity in the face of some unnamed, unseen adversity. A keen observer of humanity, Cullen regards the eyes and hands as mirrors of the soul and in each painting, hands and/or eyes play a prominent role in her story-telling.

The Forbidden City in the Louvre ~ Emperors of China and the Kings of France

Posted: 04 Nov 2011 07:20 PM PDT

artwork: Painting of "Evening Banquet" of Han Zaixi is one of Chinese national treasures - Before the foundation of Palace Museum, abdicated Emperor Puyi moved out more than 1200 treasured works of calligraphy & painting, ancient edition of books as well as a mass of art national treasures. After the foundation of New China in 1949, a large section of these transferred collections were returned to Palace Museum of Beijing.

Paris - The treasures of the Forbidden City are the subject of a major exhibition presents a selection of one hundred and thirty works in three distinct areas of the museum.Result of close cooperation between France and China, this event is certainly a major event of cultural and diplomatic exchanges between the two countries.The exhibition traces the evolution of the Forbidden City in a chronological built around the great emperors who ruled China from the mid-thirteenth century to the mid-nineteenth century. The one hundred and thirty major works on loan from China - paintings, vases, cuts, lacquers, ceremonial costumes, military uniforms or calligraphy - are put into perspective with the emblematic figures of Chinese imperial history. On exhibition at the Louvre until 9th of January, 2012.

The Glass Garage Fine Art Gallery Shows J.T. Burke's Beautiful Paradise Land

Posted: 04 Nov 2011 07:19 PM PDT

West Hollywood, California.- Glass Garage Fine Art Gallery is proud to present "Beautiful ParadiseLand," a unique series of personal visions by artist J.T. Burke. The exhibition opens on Saturday, November 5th at 6pm and continues through December 30th. Burke's current body of work uses digital photographs of vintage costume jewelry as base material for an exploration of paradise and visions of a personal utopia. Burke repeats and manipulates the imagery digitally to form intensely baroque, Busby Berkeley-like configurations that resemble psychedelic landscapes, dioramas, mandalas, and masks. "Burke invites us to wander in Wonderland, to roam Oz, to join Lucy in the sky," writes critic Peter Frank, who recently included Burke in his selection of "Ten Artists to Watch" for the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art.  "This is escapism; but it is finely wrought and thickly wound enough to gratify all levels of taste."

Helena Fox Fine Art opens Exhibit of Paintings by West Fraser

Posted: 04 Nov 2011 07:18 PM PDT

artwork: West Fraser - "Daddy's Girls" - Oil on Linen - 30" x 40" - Courtesy Helena Fox Fine Art, Charleston, South Carolina. Helena Fox is showing "A Portrait of Place, Paintings by West Fraser" from November 4th until November 28th.

Charleston, South Carolina.– Helena Fox Fine Art, LLC is pleased to announce the opening of its upcoming exhibition entitled, "A Portrait of Place, Paintings by West Fraser". Following an opening reception, at which the artist will be present, the show will remain on view through November 28th. Distinguished Southern artist West Fraser has the soul of the South in his blood. A love of the land is apparent in his paintings that evoke a true and honest sense of place.  A master of the nuances of light and nature, his work is comparable to the finest of American and European Impressionist of the past. Nationally recognized, Fraser creates a feeling of timelessness in his work that draws the viewers into his contemporary experience.

Rago Arts Nov.12th Fine Art Auctions Feature Works by Reginal Marsh, Red Grooms & Many Others

Posted: 04 Nov 2011 07:17 PM PDT

artwork: Reginald Marsh - "Girls in the Street", 1946 - Tempera on paper - 21 3/4" x 30 1/4" - Estimate: $40,000 - $60,000. - At the Rago Arts and Auction Center, Lambertville, NJ on November 12th.

Lambertville, New Jersey.- The Rago Arts and Auction Center is holding two auctions on Saturday November 12th, the 19th and 20th century American and European Art auction starts at 11am and will be followed in the afternoon by the Post-War and Contemporary Fine Art sale. The auctions include a group of paintings from a local Pennsylvania collection passed down directly from the artist to the family and by descent to the present owner, along with many works from private collections throughout the U.S. Top lots include works by Evan penny, Raymond Pettibon, Reginald Marsh, Kees Verkade, Werner Drewes, William Langson Lathrop, Robert Alexander Darrah Miller, Otto Dix, Michael Corinne West, James Bishop, William Joseph Anastasi, Beverly Pepper, Bill Woodrow, Chuck Close and Marilyn Minter. The lots can be viewed from Saturday, November 5th through Thursday, November 10th between 12–5 pm and by appointment. Open until 7 pm on Friday, November 11th.

The 19th/20th century American and European Art sale features paintings, works on paper, sculpture and prints in 122 lots: Paintings by Werner Drewes, Jean Jansem, Nicola Simbari, Pedro Angel Gonzalez, Robert Philipp, Hermann Ottomar Herzog, William Gropper, Thomas Rathbone Manley and an exceptional selection of work by the New Hope Impressionists, including a collection direct from the artists to the family selling: Walter Emerson Baum, Giovanni Martino, Alfred Nunamaker, William Langson Lathrop, Robert Alexander Darrah Miller, Harry Leith-Ross, Henry Bayley. Works on paper by Reginald Marsh, Otto Dix, Henry Martin Gasser, Francisco Zuniga, Martha Walter and Andre Lhote. Sculpture by Kees Verkade, Allan Clark, Henry Schoenbauer, Augusto Perez, Dorothea Greenbaum and Boris Lovet-Lorski. Prints by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Rembrandt van Rijn, Paul Gauguin and Armand Seguin, Leonard Tsugoharu Foujita, Martin Lewis, Romare Howard Bearden, Jacob Lawrence and Marc Chagall.

artwork: Red Grooms - "Ruckus Taxi", 1982 - Lithograph in colors in Plexibox -16" x 28 1/2" x 14"

The Post-War and Contemporary auction includes paintings, works on paper, sculpture, prints and photographs in 278 lots:  Paintings by Michael Corinne West, Maureen Gallace, Mathieu Mercier, David Korty, James Bishop, Sergio Romiti, Julian Lethbridge, Matt Mullican, William Wood, Ed Templeton, Jean Pellotier, Gustavo Foppiani. Works on paper include a selection of images by Raymond Pettibon, work by William Joseph Anastasi, Franz Ackermann and Karen Kilimnik. Sculpture by Evan Penny, Beverly Pepper, Jessica Stockholder, Peter Shelton, Bill Woodrow, Hannah Wilke and Alan Rath. Prints include a selection of Warhols, as well as work by Chuck Close, Frank Stella, Damien Hirst, Paula Scher, Russell Young, Jennifer Bartlett, Willem de Kooning, Sol LeWitt, Josef Albers, Roy Lichtenstein and Robert Rauschenberg. Photographs by Lucien Clergue, Marilyn Minter, Andreas Feininger, William Christenberry, George Hurrell, Annie Leibowitz, Justin Kurland and Catherine Opie.

artwork: Milan Kunc - "Beethoven", 1975 - Oil on linen - 39 1/4" x 47 1/2" - Estimate: $2,000 - $3,000. At the Rago Arts and Auction Center, Lambertville, New Jersey on November 12th.

Since 1994, Rago's has served thousands of sellers and buyers with a singular blend of global reach and personal service. Originally specialists in 20th century design, today Rago's expertise covers centuries of fine art, decorative arts, furnishings, jewelry and ethnographic property.  It is a world-class venue through which to buy and sell. It is also a destination for those who seek to learn and share knowledge about art, antiques and collecting, offering free valuations for personal property (from a single piece to collections and estates), appraisals and auction exhibitions in house and online. Rago's, the largest and leading auction house in New Jersey, is located midway between Philadelphia and New York. At the age of sixteen, David Rago began buying and selling pottery from the early 20th C. design movement known as Arts & Crafts at a flea market in his home state of New Jersey. Today, he oversees the auction house that bears his name, sells privately in the field of Arts and Crafts and publishes two quarterly magazines about 20th century decorative arts and furnishings. He is an author who lectures nationally and an expert appraiser for the hit PBS series, Antiques Roadshow. David Rago entered the world of auctions in 1984. Since 1994, the Rago Arts and Auction Center (known to most as Rago's) has served thousands of sellers and buyers with a singular blend of global reach and personal service. First specializing in 20th century design, Rago's expertise now covers centuries of fine art, decorative arts, furnishings, jewelry and ethnographic artifacts. It is a world-class venue through which to buy and sell, with sales of over $25 million in the 2008 season. It is also a destination for those who seek to learn and share knowledge about art, antiques and collecting, with free valuations for personal property (from a single piece to collections and estates) and auction exhibitions in house and online. Visit the auction house's website at ...

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow Hosts 'Riverside' by Patricia Cain

Posted: 04 Nov 2011 07:09 PM PDT

artwork: Patricia Cain - "Riverside Triptych II". Image courtesy of the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum © the artist. On view as part of the "Drawing (on) Riverside" exhibition at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum from April 15th until 14 August 2011.

Glasgow.- A unique and often revealing study of the construction of the Zaha Hadid designed Riverside Museum will open at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum on April 15. 'Drawing (on) Riverside' by Patricia Cain features around 100 works, forming a powerful body of work from an award winning artist who explores the development of the £74million museum in drawing, painting and sculpture highlighting the different phases of construction. It features many new works and runs until 14 August 2011. Patricia Cain has become a familiar figure on the site of Glasgow's new transport museum and her work based on the project has already won the prestigious Threadneedle Prize and the Aspect Prize. Construction on the Riverside Museum began in late 2007 and it will open to the public on June 21 2011. Councillor George Redmond, Chair of Glasgow Life said: "Anyone who sees the works Patricia Cain has been creating that are based on Riverside will be astonished by her unique vision and the detail she has captured of Britain's most exciting museum project.

This exhibition not only showcases Patricia's incredible talent, it also affords visitors an insight to the various stages that have brought this iconic building to life."  Patricia Cain said: "Watching the Clyde landscape changing has had a major influence on my art practice for the last 10 years and as part of this, I've been observing and recording the construction of the new Riverside Museum.  I've made this process the focus for this exhibition by trying to expose aspects of this through both solo work, and collaborations with Ann Nisbet, Alec Galloway, Rosalind Lawless and Phil Lavery that mirror the working on-site collaborations that occurred."

artwork: Patricia Cain - "View From The Lighthouse #1", 2010 - Oil on canvas. Image courtesy of © the artist, work in a private collection.

Patricia Cain is a prize-winning artist and writer born in Newcastle and raised in Penrith in the English Lake District. She now lives and works in Glasgow with her husband Sam Cartman and children. After attending the first year of a BA course in Illustration at St Martin's School of Art, she left to obtain degree in Law at Newcastle, and worked as a lawyer in Carlisle for 8 years, also teaching law and writing articles for legal journals. She completed her BA in Fine Art at the Cumbria Institute for the Arts, after which she moved to Glasgow and trained as a Scottish Solicitor. However, after winning the Goldsmith Scholarship for drawing, she left shortly after to undertake a full-time PhD at Glasgow School of Art. She received the Royal Glasgow Institute Prize in 2005, the 2007 RSA Kinross Scholarship to study in Florence, the 2010 Aspect prize for Scottish artists and 2010 Threadneedle prize. Since completing her PhD in 2008, she has worked as a practicing artist in Glasgow. Patricia's book, entitled "Drawing: the Enactive Evolution of the Practitioner, was published by Intellect books in 2010. Her current work focuses on the landscape of Glasgow and, in particular, the River Clyde and its regeneration. She has also spent time exploring aspects of the construction of the new water plant at Milngavie and worked on site during the construction of Glasgow's New Riverside Museum. Patricia's work links the landscape to both explicit and implicit ways of thinking that arise during the production of her drawings. She experiments with drawing conventions used in art and architecture as tools to make visible logical and intuitive thought processes, closing observing how she makes her drawings and how connections are formed. By this means, her work is progressed both in terms of process and subject matter. The artist exhibits widely across Scotland but also in London, Sydney and Venice. Visit the artists website at ...

artwork: Patricia Cain - "Roccasecca II", 2006 - Pastel, pencil - 63 x 150 cm. Image courtesy of © the artist.

The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow houses one of Europe's greatest civic art collections, consisting of almost 10,000 items in the beautiful surroundings of Kelvingrove Park in the city's West End. Loved by locals and tourists alike, the Kelvingrove vies with Edinburgh Castle to be Scotland's most popular attraction, and is, by some margin, the most visited museum in the United Kingdom outside London. The magnificent red sandstone building was partly financed using the proceeds of the 1888 International Exhibition held in Kelvingrove Park. The gallery was designed by Sir John W. Simpson and E. J. Milner Allen and opened in 1901 as the palace of fine art for the Glasgow International Exhibition held that year. Built in a Spanish Baroque style, the outside facades are constructed from red sandstone from Lochabriggs Quarry near Dumfries (which provided much of the stone for Glasgow's Victorian-era expansion), the interior uses a much lighter colored sandstone from Giffnock. The buildings facades are adorned with sculptures by George Frampton, Francis Derwent Wood and other contemporary British artists. In 2006, the Kelvingrove reopened after a three year refurbishment program and immediately tripled its visitor numbers to over 3 million in is first full year, making it the UK's most visited museum outside London (only the National Gallery, Tate Modern and British Museum receive more visitors). The refurbishment work included opening up the first floor halls, creating new basement display and retail spaces and the complete restoration of the interior stonework. In addition to the galleries, visitors to the museum (which is free to enter) can enjoy its cafes and museum shops. The study centre and library are both open to the public for those who want to discover more about Glasgow's museums and their collections. The museum hosts over 1.5 million visitors annually. Visit the museum's website at ...

The Museum of Modern Art Announces a Retrospective of Cindy Sherman for 2012

Posted: 04 Nov 2011 07:08 PM PDT

artwork: Cindy Sherman - Untitled #425, 2004 - Chromogenic color print, 70 3/4 x 89 3/4" (179.7 x 228 cm). - Courtesy the artist and Metro Pictures, New York - © 2011 Cindy Sherman

NEW YORK, N.Y.- The Museum of Modern Art will present the exhibition Cindy Sherman, a retrospective survey tracing the groundbreaking artist's career from the mid 1970s to the present, from February 26 through June 11, 2012. The exhibition will bring together more than 170 key photographs from a variety of the artist's acclaimed bodies of work, for which she created myriad constructed characters and tableaus. The first comprehensive museum survey of Sherman's career in the United States since 1997, it will draw widely from public and private collections, including the collection of The Museum of Modern Art. The exhibition is organized by Eva Respini, Associate Curator, Department of Photography, The Museum of Modern Art.

The Louvre exhibits Picasso/Delacroix ~ 'Women of Algiers in Their Apartment'

Posted: 04 Nov 2011 07:07 PM PDT

artwork: Eugène Delacroix - Femmes d'Alger dans leur appartement 1834 - Oil on canvas,180 x 229 cm. Paris, musée du Louvre, inv. 3824  - © RMN / Thierry Le Mage

PARIS.- Coinciding with the major exhibition "Picasso and his Masters" held at the Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais, Paris, the Louvre (Denon Room) plays host to around 20 painted and graphic variations on Delacroix's masterpiece, Women of Algiers in Their Apartment (1834), executed by Picasso in 1954-55. In tandem, the Musée d'Orsay presents a series of variations on Manet's Déjeuner sur l'herbe (Luncheon on the Grass). Throughout his career, from his academic training to the last years of his life, via the Cubist revolution and his neoclassical period, Picasso drew on paintings of the past.

Stanley William Hayter's Surrealist & Abstract Prints at the National Gallery of Art

Posted: 04 Nov 2011 07:06 PM PDT

artwork: Stanley William Hayter - Expansion, 1970 - (softground etching & openbite etching), plate: 43.5 x 49.8 cm. / sheet: 55.9 x 75.6 cm. Ruth Cole Kainen Collection

WASHINGTON, DC.- English chemist Stanley William Hayter's innovative prints—from the surrealist works of the 1930s to vividly colored abstractions of his later years—reveal his remarkable talent and range of success in the medium of printmaking. On view at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, from May 31 through August 30, 2009, Stanley William Hayter: From Surrealism to Abstraction traces the artist's development as a printmaker through 44 of Hayter's finest prints shown with 10 prints by major artists who worked at Hayter's shop.

Fondation Marguerite et Aimé Maeght to feature Jacques Monory's "Tigers"

Posted: 04 Nov 2011 07:05 PM PDT

artwork: Jacques MONORY - 'Tigre n°5', 2008 - Oil on canvas - 320 x 380 cm. - © ADAGP Paris 2009 Courtesy of Fondation Marguerite et Aimé Maeght

Saint-Paul, France - Jacques Monory has taken over the Foundation's largest exhibition space for this exceptional event at the Marguerite and Aimé Maeght Foundation. The latest "Nouvelles Saisons de l'Art Vivant" proposes 4 panoramic canvases and one monumental work based on the theme of the Tiger. This creature is an ambiguous figure whose brute force contrasts with masterful skill and whose tenderness is matched by cruelty. In this exhibition, the tiger leaps into the urban landscape and makes it his own. On view 4th April through 14th June, 2009.

The Preus Photography Museum In Norway Is Toured By The AKN Editor

Posted: 04 Nov 2011 07:04 PM PDT

The Preus Museum is the national museum for photography in Norway and is situated in Horten. It was originally founded by the Preus family as a private museum, but the collection was acquired by the Norwegian government in 1995. In 2001, the museum moved to a former naval facility in Karljohansvern. The facilities have been adapted for museum use based on the work of architect Sverre Fehn. It is the National museum of photography, with a vast collection covering all aspects of the history of photography, Preus museum offers visitors many exciting experiences within the expanded field of photography: from the earliest technical and scientific experiments to contemporary photographic art that has pushed back the boundaries of what a photograph can be. The museum collection consists of Norwegian and international photographs, cameras and other artefacts illustrating the history of photography. The museum also incorporates a specialist photographic library. In 2005 the museum launched its own journal Om Fotografi (On Photography). In cooperation with the National Library of Norway, the museum is extending its Index of Photographers and Collections. The museum has defined its field of concern as the expanded field of photography. This implies that the museum approaches photography within the context of contemporary art and a broader visual culture. The museum library covers the prehistory and history of photography, photographic techniques, camera history and photography as art and documentation. The library holds some 25,000 titles, including annual publications and annually collected journals, catalogues and brochures. The extensive collection of journals encompasses 1,000 titles, of which 80 are regularly subscribed. More specifically, it means that in the future the museum will view photography in conjunction with moving pictures and new, digital technologies. A further consequence is that the museum will apply an inter-disciplinary perspective to the history of photography. The Preus Museum is one of the important collecting institutions for photography in the world and the most important in Norway. Website :_

The museum's unique collections consist of photographs, albums and images of various other types, cameras and other technical equipment, and a specialist library. The picture collection is broadly representative of the history of photography as described by Beaumont Newhall and Helmut Gernsheim. Especially well represented in the collection are the early history of photography from the 19th century, pictorialism as it developed in English and German speaking countries and among Norwegian camera clubs, and new objectivism and modernism as these developed. The primary focus of the Norwegian material was originally on early landscapes and portraits, together with considerable material from the realm of fashion/advertising and art photography. Over the past ten years, the collection has been expanded with many works by Norwegian photographers active in the field of art photography, as well as by professionals and amateurs working with documentary, advertising and portraits. The collection is also strengthened by the purchase of pivotal works by international contemporary artists working in the expanded field of photography. With its broad temporal and genre perspective, it goes without saying that the collection represents a significant number of processes that illustrate the historic development of photography: from daguerreotypes, autochromes and stereo photography through to contemporary color photography, and from early photo-mechanical techniques through to modern digital printing. The museum's extensive collection of cameras and other technical equipment both supplements the technical aspects of the history of photographic processes and tells the story of a major international industry built on the determination to create pictures: from the 18th century camera obscura to the daguerreotype camera, special cameras for microscopic, panoramic, stereoscopic photography, cameras for espionage, three-color pictures, portraits or travel; folding cameras and box cameras, single and dual lens reflex cameras, small image cameras and miniature cameras. The book collection encompasses literature from the 16th century through to today. The history of photography is told here in all its complexity by means of various focal themes such as chemistry, optics, art, technology, as well as through user manuals and textbooks. The collection also contains a large number of books with original photographs and seminal works about countless photographers, in addition to an extensive collection of journals including major titles such as Camera Work, Camera Notes and Life. There is also a large number of Scandinavian and European photography journals for both amateurs and professionals. The book collection functions as a library.

Lichtenstein in Process" featured at Dixon Gallery Museum and Gardens

Posted: 04 Nov 2011 07:03 PM PDT

artwork: Roy Lichtenstein - "Collage for Seductive Girl", 1996 - Tape, painted and printed paper on board, 63.5 x 91.4 cm., 25 x 36 inches. Courtesy of Dixon Gallery Museum, Memphis, TN

MEMPHIS, TN.- Dixon Gallery and Gardens presents "Lichtenstein in Process", an exhibition of collages, drawings and sketches offering an intimate look into pop art icon Roy Lichtenstein's artistic process. Though Lichtenstein's finished works achieve a polished, graphic style, "Lichtenstein in Process" proves this polish came after a series of carefully articulated preliminary compositions. "Everything is in the drawings," Lichtenstein has said. Almost every work in the exhibition served as a study for a future painting, print, or sculpture. On view through 17 January, 2010.

Silences ~ by Marin Karmitz at Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MAMCS)

Posted: 04 Nov 2011 07:02 PM PDT

artwork: Martial Raysse - Life is so complex, 1966 - plexiglas coloré opaque ou transparent découpé et moulé sur contreplaqué, 150,2 x 250 cm. -  Musée de Grenoble

STRASBOURG, FRANCE - Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Strasbourg, France  presents Silences, A statement by Marin Karmitz. "Throughout my career I have always been preoccupied with establishing bridges between what I was most familiar with, the cinema, and different disciplines, such as literature, music, painting, photography, sculpture and video" (interview with Marin Karmitz, Silences exhibition catalogue. As such and following in this spirit of de-compartmentalization, Strasbourg's Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art gave Marin Karmitz the opportunity to develop an exhibition project three years ago. Silences will be presented at MAMCS from April 18th to August 23rd 2009.

Hauser & Wirth to open First Major UK Solo Show for Subodh Gupta

Posted: 04 Nov 2011 07:01 PM PDT

artwork: Subodh Gupta - Mind shut down, 2008 - Stainless steel, old utensils, 240 x 150 x 205 cm / 94 1/2 x 59 x 80 3/4 inches. Courtesy the artist and Hauser & Wirth © Hauser & Wirth

LONDON.- Describing himself as 'the idol thief', Subodh Gupta is one of the most exciting and audacious contemporary artists to have emerged in recent years. The man dubbed by The Guardian as the 'subcontinental Marcel Duchamp' will exhibit simultaneously at Hauser & Wirth's Piccadilly and Old Bond Street galleries throughout October. Among the works he's making specifically for this, his first major UK solo show, is a three-dimensional reworking in bronze of Duchamp's moustachioed Mona Lisa, L.H.O.O.Q, (1919). 'Art language is the same all over the world', he claims, 'which allows me to be anywhere.' On view 1 October through 31 October, 2009.

'Carlo Cardazzo: A New Vision for Art' at Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice

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artwork: Umberto Boccioni (Italian, 1882-1916). Study for The City Rises, 1910. Oil on cardboard. 33 x 47 cm (13 x 18 1/2 in.). Gianni Mattioli Collection. Long-term loan to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice.

VENICE - In this 60th anniversary year of Peggy Guggenheim's collection in Venice, her museum will host an exhibition dedicated to a major figure in Italian and international art of the mid 20th century: Carlo Cardazzo (1908-1963), a Venetian whose centenary is this year and who shared with Peggy Guggenheim his passion for contemporary art. Carlo Cardazzo. A New Vision for Art, curated by Luca Massimo Barbero, is the first exhibition to be devoted exclusively to this enterprising, even volcanic figure: patron, publisher, collector, and dealer. Cardazzo, through the multiplicity of his activities, the originality of his way of navigating the art world and his methods of promoting it, reached a new public, in part through his galleries, and in part through novel cultural strategies. . THE PEGGY GUGGENHEIM COLLECTION TURNS 30 YEARS January 1–December 31, 2010.

artwork: Giorgio de Chirico The Nostalgia of the Poet , 1914 , Oil & charcoal on canvas, 35 x 16 in. Peggy Guggenheim Collection - © 2007 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York/SIAEThe distinctive component of Cardazzo's new vision of art was his precocious realization of the importance of networking and collaboration that would mark the art world of the future. On 25 April 1942, on the Riva degli Schiavoni in Venice, he inaugurated the celebrated Galleria del Cavallino, in the same year that Peggy Guggenheim opened her New York museum-gallery Art of This Century. In 1946, he opened the Galleria del Naviglio in the center of Milan, initiating a series of relations with critics and intellectuals, travelling constantly between Europe and the USA, bringing together artists of different generations as well as avant-garde architects, and printing outstanding publications that projected the image of his persona to the wider public. He was the first dealer to contract Lucio Fontana, after Fontana's return from Argentina, and it was for the Galleria del Naviglio in Milan that Fontana conceived his Spatial Ambience with Black Light.

Cardazzo was a creative powerhouse of the art world, a beacon to collectors, museum directors and gallerists. Peggy Guggenheim herself acknowledged his central position in promoting the new avant-gardes. They shared several of their concerns for modern art: the promotion of American art, their dedication to the historic avant-gardes, to Kurt Schwitters, Joan Miró, Sonia Delaunay, Pablo Picasso, Jean Arp, Giacomo Balla, Vasily Kandinsky, artists whom Cardazzo exhibited several times, sometimes with Guggenheim's help, while he in turn brought to her attention artists whose work was to enter her collection. From the time of her arrival in Venice, Guggenheim sustained a dialogue with Cardazzo that was dense with contacts, proposals and exchanges of opinion about artists and movements: works by Victor Brauner, Matta, Emilio Vedova and Asger Jorn were purchased by Guggenheim from Cardazzo, and still belong to her Venetian museum. Again, it was due to Cardazzo that Guggenheim discovered and patronized Tancredi Parmeggiani, Giuseppe Santomaso, and Vinicio Vianello. Postwar art, especially Italian, concludes Guggenheim's journey of discovery of the artistic avant-gardes that she had begun in London in 1938.

In July 1950 Peggy Guggenheim organized in Venice the first European exhibition of paintings by Jackson Pollock, an event that caused scandal at the time but which was to become a key event in the evolution of European painting. A few months later a similar exhibition, organized by Cardazzo in his Galleria del Naviglio in Milan, was a similar sensation. Cardazzo expanded his activities with public exhibitions (such as that given to Matta in 1953 in the Ala Napoleonica, Venice), and from 1955 with shows in the Galleria Selecta, Rome. In his travels and encounters, he met and exhibited American artists such as Franz Kline (whose New York atelier he visited in 1958), Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, Conrad Marca-Relli, Theodoros Stamos, Sam Francis, Alexander Calder, Cy Twombly, and Jasper Johns. He established relations with Ileana Sonnabend and Leo Castelli (exporting to New York members of his own stable of artists) and with Europeans such as Jean Dubuffet (for whom he recorded informel music), Hans Hartung, Jean Arp, Victor Brauner, Fernand Léger, Georges Mathieu, Giuseppe Capogrossi, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Serge Poliakoff. He flanked the young Italians (Gianni Dova, Roberto Crippa, Emilio Scanavino) with members of the Cobra group (Asger Jorn for example). The number of his exhibitions, many of them mounted as virtual 'performances' of a few days, is a measure of Cardazzo's inventive power and frenetic activity: from 1942 to 1963, the year of his death, 1,049 exhibitions took place in his three galleries: Cavallino, Naviglio and Selecta.
artwork: Victor Brauner (1903-1966) Adam i Ewa, 1923
Carlo Cardazzo. A New Vision for Art recaptures the creative verve of Cardazzo's career. The first section reconstructs his personal collection in the 1930s and 40s. This was considered at the time among the major collections of 20th century art in Italy, with masterworks by Marino Marini, Giorgio de Chirico, Scipione, Mario Sironi and Massimo Campigli. Following this, documentation illustrates Cardazzo's special relationship with architect Carlo Scarpa, whom he commissioned to design, at the height of the war, his Galleria del Cavallino, as well as a second Venetian gallery in the Frezzeria, and the Pavilion of the Book for the Biennale Gardens. A New Vision for Art brings to light a treasure trove of masterpieces, documents, objects, printed matter and manuscripts, much of it unpublished.

Visit Peggy Guggenheim's collection in Venice at :

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