Glenn's Guide to Art Basel 2011 -- by Florida Fine Art Blog

Its that time of
year again.  Time for Miami to become, for one week at least, the art
capital of the world.  The international art fair, Art Basel Miami, is
celebrating its 10th year in South Florida this December 1st – 4th.  

Much more after the fold... 

More than 2,000 artists from around the world will take part in this
citywide spectacle.  Painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, print,
photography, film, performance, video and digital art will all be on
display at various venues, galleries, satellite fairs, outdoor
exhibitions and private parties.  Art Basel has become the most
important art event in the country, with its significance growing every

With this guide I’ll
highlight the art fairs, some of the exhibiting galleries and artists
that I will be visiting and point out some good eats along the way.  I
will give tips and observations I have learned over the years to make
your adventure into the Art Basel scene more enjoyable.  I will also try
to point out some new things not to be missed.

I start with the same advice I
give every year.  Don’t try to see it all.  Even if you had the whole
week and spent every day and night going from one event to another you
would never see all there is to see.  Plus, for most people after
viewing a few hundred pieces of work, they all start to blur together. 
Spend quality time at a few shows rather than try and "get it all in." 

As for me, I usually go to
Art Basel in the Miami Convention Center on opening night and then plan
each day in a different part of town.  For example; Wednesday night at
Art Basel, Thursday and Friday in Wynwood, Saturday on the beach for
some of the hotel shows and then Sunday morning I do anything I missed
plus a trip back to any paintings I can’t live without (Hint - by Sunday
afternoon everything is on sale, no one likes to pack up).  It’s an
exhausting week but so worth it.  This year I will take part in several
private tours, both as a sightseer and a tour guide.

Another piece of advice I can
give is to not let the gallery owners and their representatives intimidate you. 
Remember there are no stupid questions, only stupid gallery owners!  And
any gallery owner that makes you feel small or uninformed for inquiring
about a piece of art is foolish.  Most will be gracious and
accommodating but if you run into someone who doesn’t want to help you  don’t let that stop you.  Be
kind but persistent.  Remember, they bought the booth and decided to
show their work to the public, not you.  Now if the gallery rep is
obviously engaged with another client, give them space and wait your

The week’s events are split
between two sections of town.  Miami Beach and the Midtown/Wynwood Arts
District.  Everything underlined is linkable, so enjoy the surfing!

Miami Beach

Art Basel

Where:  Miami Beach Convention Center

When:  December 1 – 4 noon to 8pm, Sunday noon to 6pm

Cost: 1 day $40 / Permanent Pass $85  Evening only (after 4 pm) $28

This is the big show, the
main event.  I describe the experience as like walking through a modern
art museum except everything has a price tag.  Most of the top
galleries, all blue-chip artists are represented.   It’s also a great
place to people watch, get a glass of champagne and enjoy the show.

Exhibitors at Art Basel to visit:

Mary Boone Gallery – NY

Peter Freeman, Inc – NY

Michael Kohn Gallery – LA  shows Mark Ryden

Marlborough Gallery, Inc. - London

The Pace Gallery – NY

Fredric Snitzer Gallery – Miami

Guided tours  - available daily during show hours from Thursday – Sunday.
tours are guided by established art critics. Tours are in English and
Spanish and cost $20 a hour.   Tours are provided by ArtNexus.  More info here.

*New This Year*

Daycare -  Arts Kids is a daycare center for children with parents visiting
Basel Miami Beach during public show days (December 1- 3, 2011, noon to
8 p.m., December 4, noon to 6 p.m.).  Children enrolled in the program
will participate in activities including arts and crafts, art history
and storytelling, under the supervision of The Miami Children's Museum's
well-trained staff.
For information, contact:
+1 305 373 54 37 ext. 104

Aqua 11

Where: 1530 Collins Ave Miami Beach, FL 33139

When: December 1 – 4  11am-8pm Thursday through Saturday, Sunday 11am-4pm

Cost: 1 day $10 (good for re-entry for the duration of the fair)

One of the best “satellite
art fairs” every year.  Aqua is in an old Art Deco hotel on the beach.
For one week Hotel Aqua transforms 43 rooms into makeshift art
galleries.  The fair focuses on young dealers and galleries with strong
emerging artist programs.  The gallery owners are always engaging and
helpful.  This one is a favorite.

Exhibitors at Aqua to visit:

Beth Urdang Gallery – Boston  /  shows great painters

Seager Gray Gallery – CA 

Toomey Tourell – San Fran  /  look for Ray Turner’s paintings

Verge Art Fair

Where: The Greenview Hotel 1671 Washington Avenue @17th Street Miami Beach, FL

When: December 1 – 4  Thursday through Saturday noon to 10pm, Sunday noon to 6pm

Cost:  1 day $10

Formally Bridge Art Fair,
Verge should be another great Miami Beach hotel show.  Less expensive
work than most of the other fairs, but not lower quality.  The artist
and galleries are up and coming, who knows, you could buy a piece from
the next great artist.

NADA Art Fair

Where: The Deauville Beach Resort 6701 Collins Ave Miami Beach, FL 33141

When: December 1 – 4   Thursday 2pm-8pm; Friday and Saturday 11am-8pm; Sunday 11am-5pm

Cost:  Free!

NADA or New Art Dealers
Alliance is a not-for-profit collective of emerging artists.  89
international galleries will be featured.  Now in its ninth year, NADA
has expanded its exhibition to three ballrooms and is offering virtual
storefronts of all exhibitor works. This show should be fun and is free
so you have no excuses.

Wynwood and Midtown

Art Miami

Where: 3101 NE 1st Ave, Miami, FL 33137

When: November 30 to December 4

Cost:  1 day $15 Multi day $35

This is the one that started
it all.  Back before the Basel gang came to Miami, Art Miami was the
only fair in town and occupied the Convention Center.  To me Art Miami
is still the best representation of the Contemporary American art
scene.  Art Miami is every bit the quality of Basel with little of the
pretension.  I have been going to the fair since before I opened my
first gallery in 1995 and have seen and met incredible artists.  If you
could only see one fair I would be hard pressed to not recommend this
one.  This year, over 110 international galleries
and art institutions from eighteen countries will be showcasing the work
of the best and brightest artists in this genre, (1,000 artists from 60
countries!) and fair organizers have high expectations for the
turnout.  This year they will inject a large indoor/outdoor sculpture
garden to the fair.

Exhibitors at Art Miami to visit:

Bernice Steinbaum Gallery – Miami

Catherine Edelman Gallery – Chicago

Laurence Miller Gallery – NY

Jim Kempner Fine Art - NY

Modernism, Inc. – San Fran   /  showing Gary Baseman

Scope Art Fair

Where: NE 1st Avenue (Midtown Blvd) at NE 30th Street Miami, FL 33127

When: November 30 to December 4   Wednesday through Saturday 11am-7pm; Sunday 11am-6pm

Cost:  1 day $20

Another great fair with many
of Miami’s best artists represented.  I am especially looking forward to
Scope this year.  Scope is in its tenth year and is presenting 75
international galleries.  This year there will be paintings, sculpture,
photography, film, music, installation and performance.

Exhibitors at Scope to visit:

Corey Helford Gallery – CA   /   One of my favorites

Witzenhausen Gallery – Amsterdam  / showing incredible work by Hendrik Kerstons

101/Exhibit – Miami   /  showing Marcus Jansen

Spinello Gallery – Miami

Pulse Art Fair

Where: The Ice Palace 1400 North Miami Avenue Miami, FL 33136 (Media and Entertainment District)

When: December 1 – 4   Thursday 1pm-7pm; Friday and Saturday 11am-7pm; Sunday 11am-5pm

Cost 1 day $20/ Multi day pass $25 (4 day entry)

Another fair that always
attracts first-rate galleries.  Pulse started in Miami in 2004 and is
now located at Miami’s Ice Palace in Wynwood.  This year Pulse will be
showcasing over 80 contemporary art galleries.

Exhibitors at Pulse to visit:

Jen Bekman Gallery – NY 

Daniel Weinberg Gallery – CA 

Diana Lowenstien – Miami / one of the original galleries in Miami, never to be missed, fantastic group of international artists.

Danziger Gallery– NY / Great photography

Torch – Amsterdam

Red Dot Art Fair

Where: Wynwood Art District 3011 NE 1st Ave at NE 31st Street Miami, FL  33137

When: November 30 to December 4  Wednesday 11am-7pm; Thursday through Saturday 11am-8pm;  Sunday 11am-6pm

Cost: 1 day $15

Red Dot, the name is apropos;
I see more sales at this fair then any of the other satellite fairs. 
Located right across the street from Art Miami.  I am always impressed
with the work at this little fair.

Exhibitors at Red Dot to visit:

Art Link International
– Lake Worth  /  Florida gallery that sells Highwaymen, Hutchinson and
Backus.  It’s always interesting to see what they show and how they fit

Fountain Art Fair

Where: 2505 N Miami Ave (at the corner of 25th Street) Miami, FL 33137

When: December 1 – 4  noon to 7pm daily

Cost: $10/ weekend pass $15

This is the fair for the new
avant-garde.  Way out work that can at times succeed.  Very irreverent
and junky but in a good way.  I always stopped by this fair, mainly
because it was free in past years.  Now with the $10 entry fee it may be
one to pass up.

Art Asia

Where: Art Asia Pavillion (Miami Midtown) NE 1st Avenue (Midtown Blvd) at NE 30th Street Miami, FL 33127

When: November 30 to December 4   Wednesday through Saturday 11am-7pm; Sunday 11am-6pm

Cost: 1 day $20

Art Asia is one of the
smaller fairs with 24 galleries showing established and emerging Asian
artists.  Now in its fourth year Art Asia is the only Asian contemporary
art fair in America.  I was really impressed with the work at this fair
last year and will make sure to stop by this year.

Multiversal Miami
Where:  193 NW 24th Street Wynwood Arts District  Miami, FL  33179
When:  December 1 - 4  noon to 5pm and 6pm to midnight
Cost:  $10 after 6pm daily/ $30 4 day pass

its third year in Miami Multiversal now has its own space and will be
showcasing over 120 artists.  I am excited about the work included in
this fair and will make sure to visit.

Other things to do around town

New this year is Art Video, a 7,000-square-foot outdoor projection wall on the New World Center building designed by architect Frank Gehry.  The spectacular new building is directly across from the Miami Beach Convention Center.

To mark its decade in South Beach, Art Basel will inaugurate a new collaboration with the Bass Museum of Art, which will transform Collins Park with unique artworks and performances by renowned artists and emerging talents.  Tours of Collins Park are available here.

U.S. premiere of Corinna Belz's film 'Gerhard Richter Painting' which
presents an intriguing portrait of the artist at work. 'Gerhard Richter
Painting', Germany, 2011 (97 minutes) will be shown at the Colony
Theatre, 1040 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, at 8.30pm on December 2, 2011. More info here.

Will Ryman's "65th Street" installation of four colossal rose buds will bloom 20 feet over the Sagamore Hotel in Miami Beach.
The pink and red buds, 5 to 10 feet in diameter, with a brass aphid and
beetle nesting in the tallest bud, were recently in New York City.
Ryman said Art Basel is "the perfect platform to introduce them to
another extraordinary city of the arts, one that offers a completely
different backdrop."  More here.

photographer Jordan Michael Zuniga, founder of Red1 Studios in the
Wynwood Art District, will showcase a collection of limited edition
photographs at Haiti Art Expo 2011 at the Moore Building on Saturday, December 3rd during Art Basel week.

Intercontinental Hotel Miami  - Andy Warhol—'The Model Boy runs
from November 30th through January 1st.  The never-before-seen
collection of black-and-white photos of Warhol and his model pals
feature Warhol snapped with 1985's hottest Ford models.  The private
coolection owned by David Siqueiros debuts with a VIP reception on the
eve of Art Basel on November 30, 2011 and then remains on show to guests
and the public until New Year's Day.  The limited exhibition is made
all the more significant when you consider that these shots are thought
to be among the last of Warhol's photo shoots before his passing in
February 1987.

An organization called Primary Flight
will help nearly 30 artists find walls to make art, and work by 16
artists will be on display at the organization's gallery space.

The mural project “Wynwood Walls” that started two years ago is greatly expanding at Art Park.  Jonathan Levine is helping to organize the event.

in its second year, is an art exhibition that is a collective effort
put on by seven galleries.  SEVEN's new location, a 15,000 square foot
warehouse at 2637 North Miami Ave at NE 27th Street in the Wynwood
district, situates the project in the heart of other major art fairs as
well as walking distance to the Rubell Collection. New this year are an
outdoor installation space and events including a Creative
Capital-sponsored video performance and brunch.  Admission is Free!

The Rubell Collection
is Miami’s premiere contemporary private art collection.  The Rubell’s
have been collecting and exhibiting for years in Wynwood, long before it
was hip.  The exhibits are always cutting edge and always memorable.

Marcus Jansen is again at Scope this year and simultaneously showing at Gallery 101 EXHIBIT in the Design District.  Not to be missed!

The next few Hotel reviews is courtesy of Hotel

National Hotel:
Miguel Paredes and famed rock photographer will unveil several
collaborative works featuring subjects such as Jack Johnson and the
Beastie Boys. The event will feature complimentary cocktails by Dewars
and beats by DJ Sam Popat. Time: 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

W South Beach:
This is also a strong bet for star-spotting, thanks to owner, avid art
collector Aby Rosen. This is where Bally is hosting its exclusive
cocktail party to celebrate the launch of their BallyLove #2 collection
with artist Olaf Breuning.

Mandarin Oriental Miami:
The official hotel sponsor of satellite fair, Art Miami, MO Miami will
host a Chinese art exhibition in the lobby from November 30–December 4.

JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Miami: the JWMM is hosting an exhibition from Christie's, including pieces that will be offered at auction in London in February.

The Ritz-Carlton South Beach:
the Ritz-Carlton is hosting its Master’s Mystery Art Show, featuring
more than 1,500 signed 6x9 works of art created by more than 300 artists
from 31 countries. Buyers only find out the identity of the artist
after they have purchased a piece. It kicks off with an invite-only
party but then the show opens to the public for one day only: Thursday,
December 1, from 12–7 p.m.

Delano Hotel:
The hottest pop-up club in town, Le Baron, returns to The Florida Room
(see it now, before it transforms into a brand new venue!) and there's
also a poolside party with NYC gallery The Hole and a performance by
Salem on Wednesday, November 30.

The Shore Club: Mallick Williams Gallery will be taking over Skybar and the Back Pool for the entire week, starting Monday, November 28.

Hands at Bayfront Park. New York-based artist Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos
is raising funds to create five towering sculptures of hands in Bayfront
Park, complete with an audiotape of a man discussing the art of palm
reading.  Find out more about “Palm Authority” here.

Most of the Art Museums in
South Florida are having events that tie into Art Basel and you can find
a link to all the Art Museums in Florida on the left side of my blog.

On Lincoln Road there is the Art Center of South Florida.  Some of the best shows in Miami are at this art space.  This year the Art Center is featuring 40 Florida Artists.  "Center Of Attention" opens Friday, December 2, 2011 from 8:00 to 11:00 p.m.

Here are some of the other large and small fairs that I failed to highlight; David Bromstad's "Body, Money, Death" Art Exhibition, PooL Art Fair, Pop-Up Pianos Miami, Arts for a Better World, Sculpt Miami, Ink Art Fair, Tribal Art Miami and Design Miami.  My apologies for all the events I still have missed.

Oh and don’t forget all the
galleries in Wynwood that are having openings.  Some of the best
galleries in the world have locations in Wynwood now.  Check out Harold Goldens Gallery if you love Pop Art like me.  There are too many others to mention but the Wynwood Art District has a website with a directory and map.

And don’t forget the Bakehouse Art Complex.  A wonderful venue with artists studios and exhibition space. The Bakehouse has great shows all year round.

Other Art Basel Guides

Socially Superlative’s Guide to Art Basel

Miami Herald Guide

Miami Guide

Art Guide

Art Basel Apps

Yes there is an App for this too.  In fact there are so  many to be had that I will just link to an Art Basel App Guide here. Here is a short list of a few that I have used in the past with varying degrees of success. Art Basel App, Aqua App, ArtCapture App

Parking, Transportation and Maps


Parking Miami Beach:  My
suggestion is one of two options.  First, the valet at the entrance to
the Convention Center is great but if you are leaving at a busy time
when everyone is trying to get their cars, it could be a long wait.  You
may prefer to park in the garage across the street.  Either way you can
leave your car all day and walk to any of the beach fairs and
restaurants from there.

Parking Wynwood, Midtown and
the Design District: If you plan to see a few of the fairs you may have
to park a few different places.  Find a street spot if possible with a
meter, if not there are pay lots.  Try to strategically find a spot
close to a few of the fairs.  That way you can see more than one art
fair without moving the car.  Another option and one I have done before
is to find a good central spot to park and then move around by catching
one of the many bike rickshaws or cabs.   Some park on the beach and use
the shuttles to get to Wynwood and then use cabs or the rickshaws.  But
I have never had a problem with parking.

*New this Year*

Vespa tours of street art in Wynwood are available from Roam Rides,
$75, and walking tours are $50.  Sounds like fun and may be the best
way to see the sometimes hard to find street art in Wynwood.

Shuttles:  Art Basel and the City of Miami provide shuttles between the Convention Center and the Wynwood fairs. 

Rickshaws or Pedicabs
Get taken around Wynwood by Rickshaw.  A fun way to get around and most
of the Rickshaw operators are good tour guides and really funny.

Cabs:  Cabs are everywhere.  Try outside any of the big fairs but you can also catch them down most streets.


Google Map of all the events

Aqua Map

Red Dot Map

Tribal Art Map

Good Eats

Food on Miami Beach:

The Convention Center itself
has a food court that is very good and again the people watching is
priceless.  Then there are all the restaurants on Lincoln Road, which is
just a block away.  Plus most of the hotels on the beach have excellent
restaurants; if you want to do it up try the Delano, or Ola.  On Lincoln Road stick with The Ice Box, Nexxt Café or my favorite to people watch; Van Dyke Café.  And while you’re on Lincoln Road make sure you check out the exhibit at the Art Center/South Florida, always worth a look!

Food in Wynwood and Midtown:

A real locals spot to go is Enriqueta’s Sandwich Shop, try the arroz con pollo, to die for! Parking is almost impossible but so worth the aggravation. Sugarcane Raw Bar is my newest favorite hangout.  The food is so good at Sugercane it should be illegal!

Brosia in the Design District comes highly recommended.

Wynwood Kitchen and Bar is a much heralded spot and chef Miguel Aguila is revamping the restaurant's menu and hours in preparation for the Art Basel crowds. 

The Food trucks are back! 
Although I’m kind of over the whole trend, if you have not tried them it
may be worth a look.  Just expect long lines :(  The wildly popular Latin Burger, gourmet food truck pioneer Gastropod’s Jefe's Original, serving their signature fish tacos, Yellow Submarine, purveyors of the finest Colombian fast food and the Grilled cheese truck Ms. Cheezious will all be making appearances around town. 

*New This Year*

Veuve Clicquot is rolling out
a new “Mobile Café and Champagne Bar” Mobile Clicq’Up will sell such
items as crispy white corn cake with poached egg and chipotle cream,
curry pork tacos and conch salad by Miami’s own chef Jeremiah Bullfrog.
Veuve Clicquot will be available by the glass and bottle; buy the latter
and get a pop-up champagne bucket. For location info, follow @Veuve_Clicquot on Twitter.

NewsTimes has more on the food scene here.

Miami has a food guide here.


Remember the more you see and
judge for yourself the more you will grow your own aesthetic.  Hone in
on what truly speaks to you.  Like most artists that need to complete
years of work before finding their true authentic voice, the viewer
becomes more and more informed by experiencing a profusion of work. 
This coming week gives you the opportunity to cram a lifetime of art and
culture into five days, how American!  

The art world is at your front
door, go get some.  GL

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